Classes Taught

At Columbia University I created and taught a psychology course on Thinking and Decision Making. I also taught Managerial Negotiations in the joint Executive MBA program of Columbia Business School and London Business School. Just as I was leaving, I developed an elective on the Business of Climate Change (see below) with colleagues at Columbia Business School and helped teach that in the spring of 2017.

At Princeton, I developed two new courses, one for the MPP and MPA program of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, and the other one cross listed in both Psychology and the Energy&Environment track of the Andlinger Center within the School of Engineering. The WWS course is entitled Behavioral Science in Energy and Environmental Policy (see below). The PSY/ENE course is entitled Human Factors 2.0: Psychology for Engineering, Energy, and Environmental Decisions (see below). I also adapted my MBA Managerial Negotiations class for the WWS MPA/MPP program. The new course is entitled Negotiations and Conflict (see below).