Current Research

Decisions in a social and physical environment

Human decisions, and in particular decisions that impact sustainability and the quality of our natural environment, are made within a social and physical context. Our social networks tell us what others do. Following the norms of our peers confirms social identity and reduces processing costs. Norm violation often has negative social or material consequences, especially in collectivist cultures. What determines the perception of shifts in social norms, and can these dynamics be utilized to accelerate change and create tipping points in behavior?

Responses to energy and environmental technology and policy

People’s responses to existing or proposed technologies or energy and environmental policies is not entirely rational. Here we explore the full range of human goals and human processes that shape our responses to environmental change and energy technology transitions with the objective of designing choice environments that facilitate wiser or more rational responses.

Tools and scale development

Current work extends existing tools to different populations, designs scales to assess important constructs identified in prior work, or develops platforms and software that implements the emerging view of a complex adaptive yet only boundedly-rational decision maker.