Domain-Specific Risk-Taking (DOSPERT) scale is a psychometric scale that assesses general and domain-specific dimensions of risk preference: financial decisions (separately for investing versus gambling), health/safety, recreational, ethical, and social decisions. Respondents rate the likelihood that they would engage in domain-specific risky activities.

Please feel free to use the DOSPERT scale without any permission for academic purposes as long as you cite the paper in your references list. The citation for a specific scale can be located within the documents linked below. Additionally, for use of any of the translations of the DOSPERT scale, please make sure to cite the appropriate paper from below.

Any commercial use is strictly prohibited.
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Revised and Improved 30-Item DOSPERT Scale (2006)

Please note that the 30-item remains the same.

Blais, A.-R., & Weber, E. U. (2006) A Domain-Specific Risk-Taking (DOSPERT) scale for adult populations. Judgment and Decision Making, 1, 33-47.
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