Media Coverage

National Public Radio (NPR)

All Things Considered
July 28, 2020
Interview with me about how to communicate growing Covid-19 death statistics

The Lancet

Planetary Health Research Digest
November 2019
BYLINE: Sam Hinsley
Fossil fuel phase out
Discusses my conjoint study with Adrian Rinscheid and Silvia Pianta on phasing out gasoline-fueled cars.


November 19, 2019
BYLINE: Jeff McMahon
Greta Is Right: Study Shows Individual Lifestyle Change Boosts Systemic Climate Action

Andlinger Center Speaks

October 23, 2019
Why the messenger matters in climate action

RARE: Solutions Search

June 1, 2018

Discovery: Research At Princeton

November 22, 2017
Princeton’s annual research magazine reports on my research on environmental decision making.
Also featured on Princeton University Home Page:

Behavioral Science And Policy Association

Blog post on “Nudging Ahead”
August 2017
In Part 2 of this series, I and two other researchers answer three probing questions about Behavioral Change Techniques:

Radio SRF2 (Switzerland)

April 6, 2016
Kontext: “Nach uns die Sintflut”
Interview with me about cognitive and emotional barriers to dealing with climate change

Washington Post

The next energy revolution won’t be in wind or solar, it will be in our brains
January 22, 2015
BYLINE: Chris Mooney

Nexus Media

Forget about Saving Energy. This is about Saving Lives.
August 21, 2015
BYLINE: Jeremy Deaton
Both of these articles describe my work with the US Navy to integrate a change in the way Navy men and women at all levels use energy into their war-fighting mission

Manchester Guardian

The communication of uncertainty is hindering climate change action
January 31, 2014
BYLINE: Adam Corner
Discusses the role of uncertainty in behavioral responses to climate change based on my 2014 WIRE Climate Change paper with Tony Patt.

Christian Science Monitor

Global warming? Public attitudes often at mercy of the weather, study finds.
January 13, 2014

US World And News Report

No, Global Warming Isn’t Suddenly a Myth Because It’s Really Cold Out
January 25, 2014
BYLINE: Yarrow Axford

AARP Bulletin

Declutter your Finances: Put wisdom to work for you
December 2013
BYLINE: Jane Bryant Quinn
Discusses my recent Psychology and Aging paper with Li, Johnson, et al. on the complementary contributions of fluid and crystallized intelligence to sound financial decisions across the life span, where fluid intelligence decreases with age and crystallized intelligence increases, at least into people’s 60s.

Focus Online

DLDwomen 2013: Wieso wir 85 Jahre alt werden und mit 75 Jahren sterben
June 7, 2013

Wall Street Journal

What makes a risk taker: New research shows often-cautious people become daredevils in right context
May 22, 2013
BYLINE: Sue Shellenbarger
Discusses my research on domain-specific risk taking and the DOSPERT scale


Top Ten Myths About China in 2012
Dec. 3, 2012
BYLINE: Evan Osnos
Cites my work with Chris Hsee in the 1990s, showing that Chinese are less risk averse than Americans due to their larger social networks that cushion them against large losses.


Wir moechten nicht glauben, dass sich die Welt veraendert
Nov. 9, 2012
BYLINE: Christoph Koch
Two-page interview with me about my work on the status quo bias as a barrier to people’s willingness to embrace change.

TED-like (general audience accessible) presentation ( on November 9, 2011 in Berlin, Germany, attended by business, political, and thought leaders from around Europe: BBC news interview with: print media interviews, in Die Zeit, influential German weekly, and Hamburger Abendblatt.


October 17 – 21, 2011
5-day meeting with His Holiness the Dalai Lama in his private residence in Dharamsala, India, with other climate, behavioral and environmental scientists and Buddhist scholars to discuss Ecology, Ethics and Interdependence as part of the Mind and Life XXIII Conference,. I led the session “Ethics and Action: The Psychology of Action and Behavior Change” and presented the Dalai Lama with the CRED Communications Guide.
See APS Kevin Krajick’s State of the Planet entry, Methane, Modern Science and the Dalai Lama.


Why Isn’t the Brain Green?
April 16, 2009
BYLINE: Jon Gertner
Describes my work on environmental decisions making and my Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED)


The Intelligent Investor: Pay Collars Won’t Hold Back Wall Street’s Big Dogs
February 7, 2009
BYLINE: Jason Zweig
Quotes me on my work on discounting


“Stuck on Coal, and Stuck for Words in a High-Tech World”
December 4, 2007
BYLINE: Andrew C. Revkin
Mentions my research on risk perception and climate change


“National Stereotypes: A fair bet, but wrong”
September 18, 2004
Discusses my research with colleague Christopher Hsee on cross-cultural differences in risk perception and risk preference in the USA and PRC